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downstairs from downstairs!!   
OK--part confession, part ambition:
"this is one of the two main parts of the house and the site (the bedroom is the other), that are going to get put together by the end of the year."
workshop should really be the name of this area considering my intentions for the studio at the moment -- a staging area, tool organization, and ideation station. i've finally started organizing the space (need to get at the ceiling to run electric for the bedroom). since the bedroom and the studio sit one on top of the other they will also be a logical fit to go forward together (to me they are also the two most important rooms psychologically).
as i go forward with the work, there will be a whole lot of activity (plans, pictures and links), that will continually evolve, probably here in the studio most of all.
my intention for the whole (web)house is to create a purposeful grouping of links and content that will be an interesting place to stop by and visit, or just borrow a cup of sugar.
the punch list is growing by the minute ...
1) get a floor plan posted.


this is what i've inherited. the closets are going to go (nice enough cabinetry that belongs to a community storage space); the entry door needs to be wider and not swing into the space like that (keeping in mind the posts holding up the house's main beam). the space is on the front of the house, with a south facing set of windows.

Punch List
as of 6.3.2006

Systems Structural Designer

  • Outlets
  • Lighting

  • Phone
  • Network

  • Demo old
  • Floor mounts
  • Frame
  • Plywood
  • Homasoat

  • Removal

  • Remove carpet
  • Paint

  • Fabricate
  • Install
  • Molding

  • Caulk
  • Prime
  • Paint

  • WALLS (only 4!)
  • Prime
  • Paint

  • Design
  • Construct

  • front hall
    living room
    dinning room
    piano room
    ] studio [
    map room™
    wish list ]

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